What you see & don’t see

For me it is always being in tune with my body. Yesterday we were supposed to go to the mountains and go skating. I didn’t make it skating. Partial seizures started with a vengeance. It took heaps of CBD and THC to calm them down. I fought it and won. We went for a short drive and to the grocery store. 

Today my whole body hurts. My brain hurts with jumping headaches. When I feel like this edibles and a medicated THC bath helps. If I go anywhere today it will be with my wheelchair. We are going to try a drive again today. At least the backcountry in Kananaskis is 30 minutes from our place. My husband who is fantastic will be doing the rest of the shopping and cleaning. I just wish I didn’t have to pay for what I did the day before. ūüíú

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