Now to try and beat my record of 181 days. I still have partial and complex partial seizures. I can treat these with CBD and THC. I am not cured by no means and never will be. The problem is that my hippocampus has a lesion on the good side and the other side has been reduced by 70 percent. Then I also have temporal lobe epilepsy and frontal lobe epilepsy. 

Neurologist appointment today and it should be interesting. Nothing is better than having your medical team on your side. Neuro finds it interesting that I have taken zero anti convulsion meds in a year and a half. I can still remember the first time I lasted more than 20 days without a GTC (grand mal seizure). Honestly that was the first glimmer of hope. The last status epilepticus was also a year and a half ago. 

Medical marijuana does help me and it is the only effective treatment I have taken. The years of pills have destroyed my body and mind. My hope is that CBD and THC will continue to help me. 💜

Seizure Hangover 

In general I have suffered from migraine headaches for years. Finally got rid of those nasty headaches with medical marijuana. CBD and a topical THC cream. I have been migraine free for awhile now, which is better than 21 migraines per month. 

Now that wicked headache post seizure. I get them with all the different types of seizures I experience. The pain from a Generalized Tonic Clonic (grand mal) seizure is mind blowing. You can NOT think and it is very difficult to get rid of the pain. I find edibles and tincture helps me come back around. 

When I have partial seizures I also get a headache. Sometimes I am not aware that I just had a small seizure.(Complex Partial)  But when my brain hurts and nausea starts it’s a seizure. These are easier to treat but can last for a few hours. Once again a high CBD and THC tincture and they will go away. 

Nobody should ever suffer when the proper medication is available.