Women in Weed – Talking To Artist and Glow-in the Dark Sensation MeloCreations in Kingston, Ontario

High! Canada

womnin weed mel.jpgHi Mel – Thank you so much for speaking to us. Mel lives in Kingston, Ontario and identifies an artist, an epileptic, a chronic smoker, a lupus survivor, a grower and a baker. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

In 2015, My life was on a great path. I was prepping for my registered massage therapy board exams, ready to enjoy the fruits of my labours and start my own Massage business. Then suddenly I suffered 3 Major Clonic Tonic seizures in my sleep. My body was so sore. My mind was so scrambled. How did this even happen? I tried to push through, but had lost my license, was forced to move back to my parents, I failed the Registered Massage therapy board exams, I was devastated, I became depressed but I turned to art & cannabis to cope.

Tell us about how you got involved…

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