What you see & don’t see

For me it is always being in tune with my body. Yesterday we were supposed to go to the mountains and go skating. I didn’t make it skating. Partial seizures started with a vengeance. It took heaps of CBD and THC to calm them down. I fought it and won. We went for a short drive and to the grocery store. 

Today my whole body hurts. My brain hurts with jumping headaches. When I feel like this edibles and a medicated THC bath helps. If I go anywhere today it will be with my wheelchair. We are going to try a drive again today. At least the backcountry in Kananaskis is 30 minutes from our place. My husband who is fantastic will be doing the rest of the shopping and cleaning. I just wish I didn’t have to pay for what I did the day before. 💜

This makes me smile 

This makes me smile. If I don’t use cannabis zero fun. Try starting your day off at 3am because you can’t sleep. It is now 8am the partial seizures have started. So nauseated and my brain hurts. Do I sound like I am having fun? No worries because the THC will help with the nausea and brain pain. The CBD will slow down the seizure activity. Cannabis allows me to have fun! ✌🍁💨💨

Selfie with a message 

My name is Shelley Thiemann and I have Generalized Idiopathic Epilepsy. This is me on a good day. I also suffered a status ellipticus seizure that caused brain damage just over a year and half ago. The only time my disability is visible would be if I needed my wheelchair because I have exercised induced seizures. Or if I have a Tonic Clonic seizures in public. Then it is very visible.