My letter to Epilepsy


You gave me wicked seizures that damage my brain and body.  Robbing me of presious memories and all my independance. Pain on levels I couldn’t imagine.  I fake a smile through the tears and say “I am fine”.  Taking pills for pills, always changing.  Pills that do not help and make me so sick.  The seizures keep coming all day long.  Why are you doing this to me?  Laying in bed to sick to get up.  So nausated and I can not think with all the brain pressure.  So sedated with no feelings left.  Death would be better than living in this hell!  Giving up means you win.  I am not that easy and I am going to fight you with everything I have.

The neurologits have told me that there are no medications to fight you.  They have told me that there are no surgeries to help me control your demons.  So I decided to fight you myself.  I did hours of research on what other treatment was available.  CBD kept coming up all the time.  Now how do I obtain this wonderful oil?  This was when there was not a lot of information available.  I found a Medical Marijuana doctor that said he would try and help.  Epilepsy you have taken so much from me and now I am going to kick your butt.

Each day is still a fight.  I may not take the evil pills anymore but their side effects will last my lifetime.  The seizures are less often finally.  I have more good days than bad ones.  I feel alive again!  I will never be the same as I was before.  I smile with no tears now.  Cannabis is giving me a chance to fight your demons epilepsy and I am going to win!