About Me


I have Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy. I also have refractory epilepsy (I can’t take anti convulsion medication) I take medical marijuana to treat my epilepsy. It has almost been 200 days since my last Tonic Clonic seizure ( aka grand mal seizure.)  I do however still experience partial seizures and complex partial seizures. These vary with stress and my menstrual cycle. Other things known as triggers affect my seizures as well.

I live with my amazing husband and our Jack Russell Milo.  Milo is not trained as a seizure dog but he knows all about it.  When I am having seizure activity he will lay down on my legs so I stay on the couch.  When I have a Tonic Clonic seizure he is my best mate.  He gives me kisses and waits until I come around.  He is my constant little buddy.

I have three wonderful children, who are all adults now.  I was blessed with my first grandson last summer and looking forward to grandson number two in December or January.

My form of ep8d4f3355e67fc9fa6bf250424392444eilepsy is genetic.  My oldest son has had epilepsy since he was 12 years old and is now 26.  We are the only two that have epilepsy.  It is nice to be able to discuss how we are feeling and doing.

We are living in Calgary now and love it.  We still do miss Brisbane Australia too.  Strange fact about Australia I never had a seizure there for almost two years. When I moved back to Canada my first seizure happened two days later. (One of my neurologist actually suggested to move back to Australia.)  My doctors think that I am going through perimenopause.  With some women with epilepsy they experience more seizures during this time.  Come on menopause please!!!!wp-1473805162730.jpg