Stopping Complex Partial Seizures with Dabs

I really don’t like complex seizures and I am so happy that my husband is home today. I am going to try and take you through my seizure activity. I am on my phone so I hope that this makes sense. The seizure started off as a really strong deja vu aura followed by a short complex partial seizure. My husband talked me through it and immediately started treating for it. 

Ticture first and then followed by some sweet CBD shatter which is also known as dabs. I use a portable one just so I don’t burn down our place. After a few CBD dabs I will switch to Bubba Kush shatter. It is a very strong Indica and slows down my heart. You can feel your body and mind slowly relaxing. Normally I would have taken 5mg of Adivan to slow down the seizure activity. 

Each persons reaction to medical marijuana will vary. It is by far better than popping a bunch of pills. Cannabis actually stops the seizures. Now the doctors are learning with me. Yes I have epilepsy and now I can fight back. 

So I lay back in bed with some earbuds. Let my mind focus on the music. Cannabis does it’s magic and I don’t feel 100 percent but it is better than being zoned out on adivan and meds for nausea. 

Now this is the part that is crazy. With my type of epilepsy I will not remember writing this. So the seizures are slowing down. Nausea starts but at least I won the fight. 

The reason I thought I would try to blog through the seizures, was because of my previous blog. My vaporizer is my life line. It doesn’t make me go crazy or anything else that they said. This was my own personal experience and depending on what I wrote maybe deleted tomorrow lol ūüíú

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