Epilepsy and Sinus colds

Well it has been an interesting ten days.  I caught a sinus cold and if you have epilepsy you know this sucks.  The pressure that my head was experiencing was so horrible.  Then the fever and chills came.  The are many things that can cause a seizure and fever is a big one.

When you have that much pressure in your head it makes the ability to think almost impossible.  Your focus is making sure that your temp stays low and rest.  Do you have any idea how spending ten days without trying to think goes?  This was the major set back in finishing up this page.  I am still trying to come to terms with the fact I have limitations.  The next big step is to continue on with life despite the long list of things you are not allowed to do anymore.

Like I said before this is my personal story .  So the stories will come as my health permits.  Trying to start a blog with cognitive brain impairment is very frustrating.  I will have a brilliant thought and poof its gone.  So if I ramble on or miss something that is why.  Never give up hope and keep fighting!

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